Friday, 23 August 2013

when the 'sometime in the future' becomes right now!

I posted a while back about my 1 year challenge, to see if I could earn some money from my hobby.  The plan was to find ways I could work from home while still being with Isabelle full time.  I have done a lot of research and had started to work on a few ideas I liked.

Our financial situation was not amazing, but comfortable.  We didn't have spare money each month or any savings as such, but were able to save month by month for days out or for xmas and birthdays.  This was only possible with Sean working six sometimes seven days a week.

However a couple of weeks ago everything changed and I have had to completely re work my action plan.  What was research for my plans for the future has suddenly become 'okay let's do this now'  If I feel ready or prepared enough now or not, I have to get my business up and running asap.  The past few days have seen me locked to my ever dying laptop madly researching and setting up my new business.

Our financial situation has changed dramatically due our tax credits being reduced....... a lot, as Sean had to work mostly seven days a week last year, and as a result our income has gone over their 'threshold'.  All well and good but that was last year and his income is now back to normal.  So without actually panicking I had to put all my plans into action now.  

This week has been a huge learning curve for me, firstly having to register my self as a sole trader and look into VAT is not within my comfort zone.  But I want to do everything correctly so nasty surprises appear in the future.

I have set up a online shop which will go further into product reviews and products I love please pop over and have a look and see what you think, this is still under construction so please check back as I hope it to be all finished very soon.

As always please share and if you comment with your web address I will be happy to link to your website or blog. 

Emma X

Product review - Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor

 I had a tommee tippee baby monitor with sensor mat for my son five and a half years ago, I was so happy with it I bought the latest version for my daughter.  Being a creature of habit I tend to stick with what works for me, so when I was looking at prices for a new monitor I already had a list if must haves on my check list.

  • Price - always a first for me when buying anything even if money isn't a problem I always like to get the best deal for my budget available
  • Sensor mat included
  • mobility
  • Range
  • Look
  •  and finally customer reviews
Looking around I was drawn to all the pretty/does everything you need and more type monitors.....but alas having a monitor that was capable of switching my tv over to see what my little Angel was doing at every movement was not something I wanted, after all the many hours of minimal sleep/endless nappy and outfit changes/bottle preparation, I was happy to sit and veg watching rubbish tv while the peace lasted.
So I decided on the latest version of my old one theTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Mat Monitor

The new sleek design, parent unit which has also got a talk back facility on it and the fact it was within my price range was a winner for me.

So here is my review

The monitor is very easy and quick to set up, you can choose to have the sensor mat switched on or off which I recently found out is a great idea for when your child is older and covert spying techniques are better handled remotely ....the range on the parent unit is amazing it reached to our garden which wasn't attached to our flat a great idea as I could hang washing out while she was asleep and hear if she woke up.  The display has a night light on it which is adjustable and also a room thermometer.  The sensor mat has an alarm on it which goes of if there is no movement from your baby for a certain amount of time, this is obviously the whole point if the sensor mat and is very reassuring as is the click that it makes as your child breathes or moves.  I did notice that the length of time that the alarm went off was shortened on the latest model, but ours only went off a handful of times so no annoyance at all. The only downside I have found is that the parent unit has rechargeable batteries in it, which I understand is needed for them to recharge while on the base unit.  But once the batteries had died and without a battery charger I was no longer able to use it off the base for long.  Maybe a switch from battery while mobile to use on base unit would be better?

That aside this is an absolutely great product and would highly recommend to my friends and customers.

buy this product below

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bye Gerry !

I recently posted about a cyst I have in the roof of my mouth caused by two untreated root canals, well I am pleased to say it is no more! 
On the 31st of August (two weeks ago)I was up and out of the house just after 7am and off to my local hospital for my surgery.   To say I was nervous was slight under exaggeration my fear of hospitals and medical things is ridiculous but very real to me.  Stepping foot in a hospital immediately sends me into a nervous sweat and all rational grown up lady thoughts are gone !  I hadn't eaten for over twelve hours and had managed to sleep through my alarm and as a result I just had time to gurgle down a very yucky black coffee before handing Isabelle over to my friend for safe keeping.

Anyway we arrived and I was checked in to the rather nice theatre reception which is in the newly built part of my hospital.  Luckily being last on the morning surgery list meant not waiting too long and at ten to eleven I was fast asleep and having my operation.  My Anaesthetist was lovely and allowed Sean to stay with me as I was put to sleep.  It's funny as a 36 year old woman with two children you would think I would have better coping strategies than holding my husbands hand and telling him I love him a million times, but no and sometimes that's what you need.

Fast forward an hour and a half to me coming round wondering why on earth a man I had never met was in my bedroom asking me if I'm okay wearing maroon scrubs! Okay not actually my bedroom but recovery,  and if my throat hadn't been so dry or my head so woozy I would have demanded to know where my husband was?  and why he wad there instead ? :/

So my operation had gone well and after a couple of hours I was able to go home to rest. 

Now as I have said before I am a total science geek and love to know how everything works, so I consulted Dr Google on my operation and I was in awe if the amazingness that had been performed while I was away with the fairies!  I had an Enucleation (removal)of my cyst and an apicoectomy on the roots on my left lateral incisor and my canine next to it. Which to anyone including me without a dental degree means the removal of a tooth's root tip and filling it. The second procedure was a total surprise as I wasn't aware it was being done until they talked me through the operation that day.  The apicoectomy is performed using a microscope and sonic instruments. WOW!

I have to say I wasn't prepared for my recovery, as I had thought I was just having my cyst removed I was expecting soreness in the roof of my mouth and swelling.  But due to the nature of the root end removal both procedures were performed through my gums and as a result I had 6 stitches under my lip.  So a lot of pain and swelling followed for almost two weeks, and codeine was definitely my friend.  At one point my face was so swollen I looked like a cast member from 'The Grinch'!  But this week two weeks after my operation I am pain free and only have a little swelling by my nose.  My stitches are dissolevable and hopefully should go soon.

I am very happy that my cyst is no more, I would have hoped that when it first appeared a course of antibiotics or something less invasive could have gotten rid of it, but the end result is the same and I am very happy to have my mouth back.  I don't 100% know the cause of my cyst, but have a feeling that I was to blame with grinding my teeth in my sleep, a very annoying habit caused by stress that unfortunately still happens.  The only solution is a very attractive gum shield I will have to wear to bed, yes I'm sure Mr Stolp will find me very sexy at night time!

So from here I have my check up with my surgeon in about four weeks and then off to my dentist for further treatment but after all that my poor mouth has been through it will be a walk in the park.

I would just like to add a great big thank you to my husband Sean, who has looked after me and kept me smiling even if only possible inside xx

Emma xx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Blurred lines

As a Mum to two young children, I have a different roles to play.  I am a care giver, I show and teach love and compassion, kindness and caring.  From the first day of being a mummy I knew I had to nurture and protect him, and I had to help him grow into the sort of person that people will like and respect, to have moral values, manners and above all be able to love others as well as himself.  This a job with a lot of responsibility and I knew that it wouldn't be easy.

At first when you have a baby, you have to do everything for them and gradually the little tiny human being you have been given, starts to do things for himself.  I remember shedding a tear the first time he wanted to hold his own bottle and when he said 'no' to  me for the first time.  I was astoundingly proud of my little man's achievement, but knew it was downhill from there. 

The next couple of years he progressed and advanced into a lovely little person who I was showing the way into the big grown up world and he took everything in his stride.  He was never a shy child, he didn't batter an eyelid on his first day at pre-school he simply left me!  As we went along his little learning journey from baby hood into childhood, I  started to teach him basic safety and it soon became apparent that I was contradicting myself rather a lot.  Let me give an example,  we teach our children not to talk to strangers, yet as our children begin to talk and interact with the world around them we encourage them to say hello to anyone they encounter. 
Now if we didn't we would be raising grumpy shy and rather unsociable children.  The lines are blurred, how do you explain a good stranger versus a bad one? do we as adults even know? 

We want our children to grow and be happy as well as be safe, we want to protect our children from horrible grown up things but we also need to teach them what is not safe or good for them. Luckily children are pretty robust and will bounce back from most slight wobbles on their journey.  My son is not in the slightest affected by 'the incident' in BHS, where he got lost. However Mummy was very upset for a few days and did consider putting him back in reins at 5 years old to make sure he never left me again.

As my son gets older he is gradually learning more and more from other people and I have less and less control over what that is, being at school full time means he spends 6 hours a day without me and is learning things that I know nothing about unless he tells me.(anyone with a child this age will probably agree that 'nothing' is a usual answer to the question 'what did you do today at school?)  It is hard to show him that some things are okay in certain situations where in others they certainly aren't.    Again the lines are very blurred. 

Our children are innocent to the world we live in, we want to keep them ignorant to the dangers out there, but at the same time want them to know something are wrong without scaring them. This is why we have age appropriate films and video games, there are certain things a child should not know about!  How do you show a child that him and his best friend having a peeing competition being the shed is a bit naughty, but walking around naked isn't the done thing ? Having a younger sister has thrown up a whole new set of rules for my little boy, we have had to show him that his bits and bobs are private and that so are hers.  But an innocent child also has no awareness of the grown up world if an adult crosses the boundaries of what is acceptable.   
How do we teach our children to stay safe and to say no, when we want them to be protected from a grown up world that is filled with things that are sometimes horrible?   

I had already started to discuss good secrets and bad secrets with my little boy and that his bits are private, but as a parent facing this for the first time and without a parenting manual I was lost in a communication gap.  Then someone told me about the NSPCC campaign called the underwear rule
NSPCC The Underwear Rule

click here to visit the NSPCC website for more info

it is a great campaign that will equip parents and children with language to approach the subject in a non scary too grown up way, and it is rather good actually.

I sat down with my little man and had 'the talk'.  To be honest I am sure I was more worried than he was about it, as he as usual took it all in his stride and I was rather relieved.  So hopefully until he turns into a hairy adolescent that is it for awkward chats and I'm pretty sure that one will be a 'daddy' chat anyway.

So even though we want to keep our littlies little, they will one day grow up and we will all want to keep them safe and able to deal with anything that may arise.  

Emma x