Friday, 27 September 2013

Being a good parent is having the ability to say no

I quite often find myself annoyed at something somebody has said or done, and generally I will have a whinge to myself or Sean and get over it.  But sometimes I will write about it, today is one of those days!

Being a parent is so flippin easy you can do it with your eyes closed! - said no parent ever!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

my new venture

well after weeks of working 12 hour days and often late into the night, it is finally ready......

my new blog all things small and pretty is being launched today.  It is as ready as it can be at the moment.....there is a lot of content just busting out of my brain to be added!

I am both very nervous and equally excited to be finally ready to show the world what all my hard work has been for. 

 All things small and pretty is (hopefully) somewhere to find honest product reviews on products we have tried and tested, a place to find baby goods and books, posts on saving money and help for family matters.  Along with fun stuff for you and the kids to do together.

I would love to know what you think about my new venture and maybe share my site with your friends and family.

Here goes nothing



you can find all things small and pretty here

Sunday, 8 September 2013

product review - Tutti Bambini Katie Mini cot bed


When our daughter started to grow out of her crib, we started looking around for a bigger cot.  We liked the idea of a cot bed that would grow with her until she was ready for a big girls bed.

I started my online research into what was available and decided on a cot bed with a drawer underneath for extra storage.  I stumbled across the Tutti Bambini range and was sold.  They have a wide range of cots, cot beds and matching furniture and they are stunning.

Our chosen cot bed was the Tutti Bambini Katie Mini Sleigh Dropside Cot bed - White  and we found it at a great price online, it even came with a free mattress. So what did we think ? Well I would have to say that assembly is definitely a mummy and daddy job, in our haste to unpack the boxes and get assembling we didn't notice the paperwork attached to the side of the box that was the missing assembly instruction pages we needed.  No matter though we did manage to figure it out ourselves and in about an hour we stood admiring our beautiful new purchase.

 The look and finish of this cot bed is lovely, it is in a lovely soft sheen and has a nice shape.  The addition of the under bed drawer is a great idea, I used it to store blankets and towels.  The only possible downside to it, is that there is nothing between the base of the cot and the drawer so anything that slips under that mattress can fall into the drawer.

 I did however love the style of the cot, the sides of the cot bed are not the usual dowel style bars (after a previous heart stopping moment when my six month old son got his leg stuck between the bars of his cot, this was very reassuring) the design is very baby safe. It is a very very sturdy cot and the dropside and adjustable mattress height made smuggling a snoozing baby in and out undisturbed very easy to do.  It was very easy to convert, when my daughter was ready we removed the dropside and eventually the other side to make it into a toddler bed. Over all I was very pleased with this cot bed, and the price was great too.

 I would highly recommend this or the other styles in theTutti Bambini cot bed range. if you want more information on the range or the Katie Mini cot bed there is a link below